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the dark bird is back

bigger than before, not as big as when she’s done

what made you think, little chick,

that you were anyone?

the dark bird is back

meaner than before, and hungrier by half

what made you think, little one,

you were getting out of that?

the dark bird

the dark bird

she’s back.


“forgive,” said the chick with the crystals and candles.

“it’s the only way to heal your heart.”

she’s as soft as a broken egg.


mama, i don’t forgive you.

you blew a disease into me with every poisoned word.

i thought you hated me for being not enough like you,

but you hated me

for being too much like you,

and for screaming at the top of my lungs

the things you swallowed down and choked on.


kill that girl

kill that girl

kill that girl

but dress her nice so the neighbors don’t talk.

Oh, but mama,

I talk.


I say here’s my heart

for you, mama,

now that you’re as soft as a broken egg.

here’s my heart,

every piss-yellow rock hard sharp spiky bit of it

for you.


a gift.

i’ll leave it on the table as i leave

and your friends will say,

“who’s that girl? one of the staff?”

and you will say,

“yes. i don’t really know her”

so they won’t think badly of you

for raising a heartless daughter.


for artistic impressions with margaret


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all i got to say is

you better be dead.

you better be in a ditch someplace,

out of your head


cos if you coulda called

knowing i was here waiting on it

what does that say about how you treat me?

it says plenty.  it says it all.


i got to ask myself,

do i really still feel the same?



hello? baby?

what happened?

sit tight, sweetheart.

i’m on my way.

looky, mama zen–

more fucking banana bread.

i hope you’re grateful!


a very special personalized Xmas haiku for Mama Zen’s Words Count at Real Toads.

don’t cry

Posted: 12/17/2013 in Uncategorized

it was fucking ten degrees out

at five thirty in the morning.

it was still dark and i was

getting dressed for work.


the day before, i had had about all a girl can take;

i guess it showed on my face cos some bitch said,

“don’t cry”

in that snarky way people use

when it isn’t their turn to fall apart.


anyway, i didn’t want to go, but i was going

like i always do,

doing the next right thing

like i always do,

when i thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just stay home and get high.


i went to work

and stayed there til my eyes crossed.


doing the right thing.

don’t doubt it.

don’t cry.

my new dog

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might’ve forgot to mention

my new dog.

she don’t speak no bullshit,

so she don’t know what you’re sayin’,

no matter how sweet you say it.


might’ve forgot to mention

that you best not just come through the gate like that,

like you used to,

whistling and full of your damn self

on your own schedule and full of your own news.


might’ve forgot to mention

my new dog.

she bites who she don’t like,

and she only likes me.

you better clean up your leg,

but not here–

go home, cos i ain’t about to accept

your next damn apology.