baby powder girl

Posted: 09/27/2017 in house of crazy, house of fools, house of love, house of women

“oooh, have another hit….of sweet air”–quicksilver messenger service

have another hit
of me,
you said.
tilt back your head
and breathe deep.

there are
different kinds of
flashing lights.
both make your heart
beat faster.

now I know
that you were just
neighborhood stuff,
and that the buzz
was me.

if the cops stop you,
breathe deep and chill, baby powder girl.
they’ll catch on that they’re just
chasing tail
and wasting daylight on an empty dress.

  1. marley raine says:

    You are in a class of your own, my little love bug. And so is she, apparently.

    More soon …

  2. marley raine says:

    I love this:

    “now I know
    that you were just
    neighborhood stuff”

    This is such a fascinating characterization. I love that in learning that she was really no big deal at all, you realized that you were actually the “good stuff” that she would have been lucky to get to suck back. Her loss, for sure.

    I love the part about the flashing lights too. Getting in trouble versus being saved. Both are hella damn scary — especially for someone snorting cocaine or the like. That is a fragile heart indeed, even if it just looks like she’s crazy. Now if anything will leave you in an empty dress, it’s coke. That stuff’ll get you skinny (and emotionally hollow) in a hurry.

  3. hedgewitch says:

    As always your touch with a character is light and sure, and nails the essence, no matter how jello-like, of what makes her tick–the rush is never as good as the memory of it, and the memory is never the truth until it finally is. ‘Baby powder girl’ and ‘tail’ make for a visual that really hits the mark, and its heavy on the ‘baby.’

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