Posted: 01/01/2016 in house of crazy, house of women

gw3in a gray house

under triangle trees

with blue leaves


i had a red cradle.


santa, i want

a red revolver,

birth control,

a red hat

and a fuzzbuster.


off to my new life

in my red car

with the fish on the back bumper.

it means,


fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads.


i got red hair

and a white dog

with pointy ears

and a red collar.



lady coming through,

too cool by half for you,

and red

as red

can do.



art by Gerda Wegener. written for my challenge at Real Toads.

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Absolutely love it–you cover every base of that time like– well, a really good shortstop(*insert favorite Tigers player here*) She got it all, too, but like all the fairy tales, the ending is never quite the happily ever after it pretends to be. Last line is gold. Red is a very unreliable color, I’ve always felt. Better to stick to blue–the place may suck but at least you *know* where you’re at. ;_)

  2. Zoe says:

    Ha. This is hilarious. The first stanza is my favorite, along with the section about the bumper sticker.

  3. ManicDdaily says:

    Ha. Clever, snappy, biting–lots of fun and zing. Thanks, Shay–a happy new year to you. k.

  4. charlotteash says:

    Happy to see you back. HNY!

  5. Sioux says:

    I love the whole thing. The list for Santa, the fish bumper sticker (I read the bumper sticker line and wondered where you were going with this, but as always, you didn’t disappoint),the ending.


  6. Mama Zen says:

    A hot dose of attitude! I love it.

  7. Kerry O'Connor says:

    lady coming through,
    too cool by half for you…

    That’s a fact!

  8. Brendan says:

    Saucy! This is Gerda hitting the gas beyond all explanations, even of art. Become the riot of color, splashing everywhere she races. Go go go.

  9. Helen Dehner says:

    Gerda would have loved this ~~ Happy New Year!

  10. What a delightful slap in the face for conventional. Gerda would have the pedal to the metal with a middle finger salute to those who stare through judgmental eyes.

  11. Sherry Marr says:

    Love this, especially the closing lines!!!! Too cool by half for certain and “red as red can do”.

  12. M says:

    red, red wine… but *never* a whine ~

  13. Red and fast…
    Always clever and ice cold wit.
    Came by to wish you a very colorful New Year.
    Hugs from La Luna

  14. The naming of things in this piece brings simplicity and yet has a powerful effect despite. Nice work and excellent challenge…thank you!

  15. I love this! Red is the best color of lipstick, of f*** me pumps, of life. And yes, I can see you in that little red car. Stay the hell out of the way, right? “Too cool by half,” true.

  16. dani says:

    why on earth didn’t i comment when i liked this? i guess cuz i’m a fuckin’ idiot. this is sooooo good i guess i should eat some fish heads to atone.

  17. marley raine says:

    I LOVE that painting.

  18. marley raine says:

    This time, the poem makes me very sad — the opening especially. No one would leave their baby, so I think the baby died and she’s gone crazy. It’s all Dr. Seussy imagery, but for that one line. Maybe she just had a miscarriage and maybe sees it as a close call. I hope she’s not really abandoning her family. 😦 If she is, maybe it’s just in her imagination … in the pages of a funky book. Yes. That’s how I’m reading this. The getaway car is really a book … or a poem, even.

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