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“forgive,” said the chick with the crystals and candles.

“it’s the only way to heal your heart.”

she’s as soft as a broken egg.


mama, i don’t forgive you.

you blew a disease into me with every poisoned word.

i thought you hated me for being not enough like you,

but you hated me

for being too much like you,

and for screaming at the top of my lungs

the things you swallowed down and choked on.


kill that girl

kill that girl

kill that girl

but dress her nice so the neighbors don’t talk.

Oh, but mama,

I talk.


I say here’s my heart

for you, mama,

now that you’re as soft as a broken egg.

here’s my heart,

every piss-yellow rock hard sharp spiky bit of it

for you.


a gift.

i’ll leave it on the table as i leave

and your friends will say,

“who’s that girl? one of the staff?”

and you will say,

“yes. i don’t really know her”

so they won’t think badly of you

for raising a heartless daughter.


for artistic impressions with margaret

  1. Kerry O'Connor says:

    What goes around comes around – even if it hurts both parties a great deal. Fascinating what you saw in the crystal.

  2. wow. That is strong stuff – hope it is all fiction, I do so hope.

  3. hedgewitch says:

    Terrifying, not just in word and mood, but accuracy–when the most primal relationships go bad, they go very bad indeed–like all emotions they can swing from one pole to the opposite, love to hate, trust to betrayal, faith to fear..,and here the opposite pole is not a pretty place. Brave writing, and excellent writing, as always.

  4. To rise someone only to realize she’s just like you.. It’s like hating your own mirror image – and it seems to go both ways – chilling and scary., and I guess the male correspondence would be the beating husband raising a beating son.

  5. Helen says:

    When you go to ‘that place’ poetry takes on new meaning, gravitas. This one is immense.

  6. Poet Laundry says:

    Oh what an ugly cycle, but sharply written.

  7. Sioux says:

    I too would hope this is pure fiction, but knowing you (a tiny smidgen), I imagine not…

  8. Wow, incredible. So powerful.

  9. margaret says:

    “I don’t (really) know her”… ugh. You always tear my heart out with poems like these. And I think it is her heart you described – if it were yours, you wouldn’t be writing about it …

  10. Mama Zen says:

    This can’t get any better.

  11. lolamouse says:

    yes, leave that piece of your heart for mama to choke on. Then, polish up the remaining part and let it shine.

  12. dani says:

    afraid i can relate…. brilliant writing!

  13. ManicDdaily says:

    Yikes. Very sharp, of course and the psychological understanding too keen. K.

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