aunt sticky

Posted: 07/27/2014 in house of crazy

aunt sticky poured froot loops on the griddle,

followed by the empty box.

she had, with tender care, put fruit sections in my juice glass,

and emptied the pencil jar into my cereal bowl.


mom and dad are in san antonio

trying to turn blue back into red,

and i am here, watching the cereal box go up behind aunt sticky.


factors to consider for my future:

1. it takes the fire department seventeen minutes to get here.

(at least, it did last time.)

2, aunt sticky always looks so crestfallen when she realizes that she’s made a mistake.

3. it’s good to live.


let’s go eat in the front yard, i tell her,

and she likes the idea. she smiles and grabs her art box.

when the firemen arrive, i am trying a dog biscuit (they aren’t very good)

and aunt sticky is trying to turn blue into red by adding yellow.

colorful, that is what people call my family

when they’re doing the lying called kind.


for play it again toads #7 at real toads. i used some words from grapeling’s list.

  1. Sioux says:

    Doesn’t everyone have an Aunt Sticky or someone similar to her? You certainly painted a clear picture of what some kids’ childhoods are like.

  2. hedgewitch says:

    As always, coal takes us places no one else can go, into the dark blue that only fire can turn red.

  3. ManicDdaily says:

    Agh–agree with Hedge–very sad, even though yes, there are comic moments–but one is mainly conscious of sitting out on the curb in front of the house of pain. k.

  4. … when doing the lying called kind…
    There’s a quotable quote from Miss Black. It’s not everyone brave enough to turn colors around.

  5. Helen says:

    ‘it’s good to live’ ~~~ I believe it, you believe it, Aunt Sticky believes it too. In serious awe of this one!

  6. Kay Davies says:

    Ms Coal, there you are in the Garden (complete with colorful aunt) and I’m still on the fringes, hoping to hop back in again when the time is right.
    Little editorial suggestion…maybe someone else has already noticed…”the the” in final line.
    Love and hugs,

  7. The soberness of the speaker breaks my heart. How many times something like this has to happen for it to be routine; for the speaker, whom I assume is pretty young, to understand what people really mean “when they’re doing the lying called kind.”

  8. Isadora Gruye says:

    The voice of this one is so strong, I could read a whole poetry collection about this character. Well done and viva la!

  9. colorful, that is what people call my family
    when they’re doing the lying called kind…

    but it is never dull looks like.

  10. You spin such an awesome story, Shay and I love what the mention of color implies in the second stanza…clever girl!! 🙂

  11. margaret says:

    Texas marches to its own drumbeat and so, it appears, does Aunt Sticky. Really, my heart goes out to the girl – but she seems quite resourceful. (and I say red and blue make purple – that would be a nice map to see, I think)

  12. margaret says:

    I have mostly not been able to comment on wordpress lately. I just commented but will copy this comment and email it to you. Ugh. Let’s see … I said something like:

    Texas marches to its own drum beat and, so it seems, does Aunt Sticky. My heart goes out to the girl, but she seems rather resourceful. Red and blue make purple – and that is a color I’d love to see monopolize a map!

  13. Kenia Cris says:

    Girl, you’re something I always miss reading. Sorry for being so absent. I’ll make it up for you darlings. ❤

  14. Ella says:

    Spun like sugar that is burned! It always intrigues me how little we know of people. A lot of lying in the kind!

  15. grapeling says:

    make this as short as possible. in catholic school Sister Mary had each kid get up and tell the class a word, then give the dictionary definition of it. One day a girl – the trouble kind, the girl whose parents sent her to a catholic school despite her not being catholic, who wore her uniform with a swagger, the girl who years later I’d have followed off the end of the earth, but in 6th grade, who I feared – well, she didn’t have her word. so she tried the word “kind”, with eyes to nun Mary, who was having none of that. and that’s where this pen took me ~

  16. Mama Zen says:

    How did I miss this? That close blew me away.

  17. C.C. says:

    “Doing the lying called kind”….yes, that is definitely quotable! I have a son with Asperger’s and he refers to a lot of commonly expected niceties as ‘lies’ disguised as politeness, so your line emphasizes that so well. He refuses to lie. It’s rather refreshing 🙂 If only more people could be less ‘kind.’

  18. dani says:

    “when they’re doing the lying called kind.”
    as others said, a quotable line… very powerful when you really think about it.
    love the girl’s way with aunt sticky.

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