70’s memories

Posted: 02/08/2014 in house of blues, house of change, house of memory

1-14 Bree and the Dreamweaver Coat 8 x 10 mixed media on canvas panel..jpg photowe were fucking around, that’s all,

and the tip of john’s jack-knife ended up in my thigh.

it wouldn’t stop bleeding, but i’d rather eat nails than call

mama for a ride, cos she’d bitch and know we’d been high.


i said i had to go, and hoofed it home, cos i didn’t want john to see me cry,

but i had to hide those jeans and i’ve still got the scar

to remind me of the night, and the blood, and the stars.


a rhyme royal, more or less, for Grace’s mini challenge at Real Toads.

art at top “Bree and Dreamweaver Coat” by the very groovy Lisa Graham.

  1. Kay Davies says:

    Lovely, Ms Coal. Beautiful poem, beautiful music, beautiful dreamweaver coat.
    Hugs, K

  2. Grace says:

    Goodness what a story Ms coal ~ I specially like that last line, what a scar of a memory ~

    Thanks for linking up with Sunday’s challenge ~ Have a good weekend ~

  3. I believe every word of this is true, ms coal.

    And rhyme with a name? Tsk! Tsk!

  4. I have no idea what a “rhyme royal” is–don’t even know if it’s a real form or made up by you–but the poem brought back memories…except for the jack-knife.

  5. Brendan says:

    What other nights are logged on the map of scars? Yah, I couldn’t resist her either.

  6. lolamouse says:

    A form poem, really?!! What’s next? Haiku?
    I loved this, Shay. It did, indeed, sound like a true story!

  7. well…i suppose we carry worse scars….you may have gotten off easy on that one.

  8. Mama Zen says:

    Coal does form? Shit. I’m done.

  9. Sounds like I typical saturday night in my teens. nice pull on the song!!!!

  10. hedgewitch says:

    Lots can happen, just fucking around–when you’re young, every scar’s a prize–and its good not to call mama, or let people see you cry. Nice use of the old rhyme royal–it’s an old old form, and I think those say things to us that go down to the deep parts we try to pretend as civilized beings aren’t there–to our detriment.

  11. sounds like some crazy fun times were had!

  12. Other Mary says:

    What great opening lines. This is a gem of a memory-scar.

  13. Stellar poetic voice and diction!

  14. grapeling says:

    if you do haiku we’re gonna have to have an intervention. ~

  15. Such a tale woven in a beautiful form…amazing how our scars take us back

  16. Kim Nelson says:

    I have the feeling this is a telling of the truth. And it is vividly told.

  17. margaret says:

    I like this “rhyme royal’ just enough rhyme and still has a free verse feel to it. Can you send me the specifics? Yes, there were a few things I never told my mom… but i’m sure my children tell me everything. 🙂 I was one that didn’t like to cry either… but I really wasn’t that unaffected on the inside.

  18. dani says:

    i never thought the day would come when Coal Black would write form poetry! hell hath frozen over!

    i’ve got a coat almost exactly like that! it has a matching top and long skirt and cords down the front of the coat with beads on them. (and i love that song!)

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