Posted: 01/23/2014 in house of fools

jerry rented a movie, but never took it back.

now the blockbuster closed and ain’t nothing in there

but a few tipped-over racks.


jerry, you jerk,

may you die of guilt, alone under the overpass.

may your thing fall off,

may you kiss my ass


for promising my dog an in-n-out burger and then welshing.


a 55 for the G Man. WordPress says this is 55 words on the nose, cos it counts the hyphenated stuff as one word. I’m too shy to contradict.  –Coal

  1. G-Man says:

    Jerry worries way too much!!!
    But I did LOVE your story. Of course I love all your stories.
    This one Kicked Ass, just like the Week-End I wish you to have.
    Thanks for your awesome support, I really appreciate all you do…:-)

  2. G-Man says:

    Did I lose my Euchre here?
    There it is!!!!!!!

  3. grapeling says:

    I tried that. They sicced a collection agency on my ass for $12. I paid. Bastards. ~

  4. Alice Audrey says:

    It’s all Jerry’s fault. Blockbuster, burgers, and every other ill in the world. Yep, yep. Bad Jerry. Naughty! Ooooooooo for shame.


  5. dani says:

    Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Coal Black shy, my ass!!!

  6. hedgewitch says:

    Coal always curses well, no matter the situation.

  7. coalblack says:

    for the uninitiated, in-n-out burger is a california chain burger place that makes the very finest junk food on the planet.

  8. Teresa says:

    Oh, Jerry, how could you? Love it!

  9. Hyphenated words are one word! This is so musical – great build up to a killer punch-line.

  10. All those Blockbusters…empty now with tipped-over racks. Who would’ve thought?

  11. othermary says:

    Seems a bit severe for lack of an in-and-out burger…

  12. Mama Zen says:

    Damn Jerry. Damn him straight to hell.

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