Posted: 01/13/2014 in house of love, Uncategorized

all i got to say is

you better be dead.

you better be in a ditch someplace,

out of your head


cos if you coulda called

knowing i was here waiting on it

what does that say about how you treat me?

it says plenty.  it says it all.


i got to ask myself,

do i really still feel the same?



hello? baby?

what happened?

sit tight, sweetheart.

i’m on my way.

  1. dani says:

    dontcha just hate waiting for the phone to ring?

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Yep ” when they turn the red light on/it’s emergency, ” as a country song once said–then things get put into a different box altogether.

  3. Kay Davies says:

    “You better be dead, because if you’re not I’ll kill you.”
    OH, yes! Sometimes the big guy here doesn’t phone (“Well, I was busy, you knew that!”) until he’s at a light ten minutes from home. Meanwhile, I’m living on antacids, and the dog is frantic.
    Nobody says it better than you do, however.
    Luv, K

  4. wkkortas says:

    …and we will answer the phone and grab the keys every damn time, in spite of a hatful of never again.

  5. kaykuala says:

    Yes, the waiting is killing. One has to give way, either one! Nicely coalblack!


  6. the pain of waiting and the turmoil of not knowing… brought to light in this poem…

  7. All tough-talkin’ until that phone call comes…

  8. grapeling says:

    yeah, what wk said ~

  9. Funny… or not…. I’ve had this internal conversation all too many times myself.

  10. Susan Chast says:

    It’s a good thing we’re alone when pushed to this point …nicely captured.

  11. margaret says:

    Ah, the ol’ tough act – it’s there for out protection, but how easily cast aside when given just a glimmer of hope…

  12. poetrypea says:

    Goodness we’ve all been there. I felt the emotion, great writing.

  13. Steph says:

    Right on… I’ve said this a time or two over the years.. nice writing.

  14. a little good for the gander never hurts….

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