crazy emmie bought teacher’s chalk at the five and dime,

went out in the six inch snow and wrote love letters to biker anne

on the sidewalk.


they all said, “anne honey,

i saw a blue star out the back window last night

and i know it means that this year will be different.


do you remember the barn owls and how they looked like taloned angels

those nights we made love and the scents were

straw, saddle soap, horse feed, and us?


baby, i’m not always crazy,

sometimes winter only stays the month–

if march is kind, i could still be your girl,

before time circles the night and i never see you again.

i love you now as i always have.




every year she swears she won’t steal money for the chalk,

go out barefoot in january

and have to spend two weeks up at reed city,

but some resolutions fall like flakes, pretty and helpless

under their own fragile weight.


for Real Toads.

  1. hedgewitch says:

    coal will never have to steal to write like this–the last line made my eyes water for some reason–must be the snow in here.

  2. Crapola. Two fabulous poems in one day. Has your vacation started yet? 😉

  3. grapeling says:

    that closing couplet…

  4. lolamouse says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. Sherry Marr says:

    OMG, I LOVE this!!!! especially “some resolutions fall like flakes, pretty and helpless under their own fragile weight.”

  6. Kay Davies says:

    They do, don’t they, those resolutions?

  7. What is not to love about this…There were some tears I must admit…My eyes always water when it snows

  8. Susan Chast says:

    I like the combination of third and first person narration here that makes Emmie so real and permanent–unlike her chalk written letter in the snow, unlike her love’s love. I wonder if her dream would vanish if she wrote in ink and sent the letter? I wonder if her permanence depends on the repetition?

  9. Herotomost says:

    This voice is so one of my faves of all time. I could read an entire series of too long novels if you were writing in this voice. Makes me feel all warm and nostalgic for some reason. Damnation Honey…you sure write purdy.

  10. Kim Nelson says:

    The cycles of mood and intention are so clearly written, despite the ephemeral tools.
    Happy to be reading you again, talented one.

  11. Kerry O'Connor says:

    Your snowflake metaphor is so beautiful and quite spot on too. I am a firm believer in fate being wrapped up in character, and resolutions are bound to fail but they show self-awareness, and a desire for self-improvement which is no light thing.

    I adore your lion poem too and will comment there soon. (Just doing wordpress blogs today.) Thank you for your encouraging words under my poem – so nice to know my friends believe in me.

  12. Mama Zen says:

    God, this is gorgeous.

  13. Wonderful… I ‘m bookmarking it to be able to find it easily…

  14. Margaret says:

    “taloned angels’ and “before time circles the night” SWOON!

  15. I love the scent-sory of your second stanza and your closing two are perfection.

  16. wkkortas says:

    The voice and narrative in this are strong and just stinkin’ perfect.

  17. dani says:

    “but some resolutions fall like flakes, pretty and helpless
    under their own fragile weight.”


  18. joanna says:

    i agree with Mama Zen– this is gorgeous. just the right mix of gritty and ethereal.

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