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see me sitting in the japanese bamboo out

way beyond the pool, the patio, the weirdly green grass outside the french doors.

i got one of your man’s little whiffle golf balls and i made a doll of it–

ain’t she pretty?

see me.


got your gardener trying to kill the knotweed, but hey,

when the tennis court cracks and heaves up from the bamboo roots beneath,

he’ll take to drink and stop showing up for work.

see me sitting here, waiting in the stalks.

see my wild red hair and the way i smile.

see me.


a night will come when the gin won’t work.

then you’ll leave the security system off and i’ll be there

with a kamikaze white bandana around my head

and i’ll stay until the rising sun.

then i’ll disappear; you’ll never see me again,

and the tiger stick will be all you’ll have to cure the ache that i’ll leave behind.


this is my revenge,

my red-haired air raid, my way of getting you back

for all the times you thought you were too good,

too straight,

too rich,

too sophisticated

to blink your designer edition eyes and

see me.


for Hannah’s Transforming Fridays challenge at Real Toads. I have written about Japanese bamboo (fallopia japanica), which is not true bamboo but bears the name, as well as others like sally rhubarb, tiger stick and knotweed. It is considered an invasive species and is extremely hard to eradicate, as my old neighbor discovered when he tried to kill the grove that stood behind both our houses. Me, I watered mine and loved on it like it was my baby. My small dog Alex used to go back in there and hang out, like he was king of the bamboo forest. He was!

looky, mama zen–

more fucking banana bread.

i hope you’re grateful!


a very special personalized Xmas haiku for Mama Zen’s Words Count at Real Toads.

don’t cry

Posted: 12/17/2013 in Uncategorized

it was fucking ten degrees out

at five thirty in the morning.

it was still dark and i was

getting dressed for work.


the day before, i had had about all a girl can take;

i guess it showed on my face cos some bitch said,

“don’t cry”

in that snarky way people use

when it isn’t their turn to fall apart.


anyway, i didn’t want to go, but i was going

like i always do,

doing the next right thing

like i always do,

when i thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just stay home and get high.


i went to work

and stayed there til my eyes crossed.


doing the right thing.

don’t doubt it.

don’t cry.