beach walk

Posted: 09/21/2013 in house of blues, house of weather, house of women

i’m doin’ the beach walk

cos i woke up crampy and dissatisfied.

ain’t this the stuff of blurry-ass old paintings and such?

do you like my wide brimmed hat and my shawl?

ain’t i just as poetic as hell?

i’m thinkin’ that the wet sand looks the color of paved dog shit.

there are no mermaids here,

and if there were, they’d be propped on their elbows

blowing their bangs out of their faces

and wondering why nobody brings them coffee.

i’m doin’ the beach walk–

if you don’t like beaches,

just leave me alone.


  1. I know just how you feel..piecing through the grit to find poetry. You do it so well.

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Life’s a beach, for sure. Love the detail in this, especially the blase and bored mermaids doomed to be forever bereft of coffee.

  3. lolamouse says:

    I can feel the listlessness come to life with your images.

  4. Mama Zen says:

    Nobody brings me coffee either. I’m going to take a walk.

  5. Coal, you are hilarious. Not big on beaches but you sound poetic. :->

  6. margaret says:

    Hey. I like my blurry ass old paintings of the beach. I’ll be right back with coffee because you are ruining this walk for me ;P

  7. dani says:

    HA! you go girl!!

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