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the Lunchable

on the tv tray

with the gold legs and

flower art


is open

like the heart of any hostess

worth her salt.


had i known sooner

about your

parents’ visit,


i’d have got all the dog hair

off the carpet

and bought a second Lunchable.



an excruciatingly imagist poem for the sunday mini challenge.

i came in with sugar donuts

white as sweet ghosts

round as rings.


we got white fingers from the sugar donuts,

white lips and messy sheets

on a bed where we didn’t care about later.


i went to the bakery like i said,

but my sweet-eyed love, there is so much i never tell you.


i came in with sugar donuts,

but the sweet dust i just fed you

could’ve been anything.


for Mama Zen’s Words Count