Posted: 07/23/2013 in house of blues, house of change, house of love

when i was 14 or 15,

had a coat that i loved like no other–

loved to wear it in cold cold weather

with my hands down deep in the pockets.


i liked who i was when i wore it,

and it liked being worn by me, i could tell it.

mama say, time for a new one,

and finally she buy me a new one

but i woulden let her pitch the old one that i loved.


sometimes, when i was 17, 18,

and was feeling lonely or sad, i would put it on

and go out walking in the cold cold weather.

it didn’t fit no more, but i loved it,

and i loved who i was when i wore it


til it wore right out, and now

i don’t know what to do

or who i am

without it.

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Things that we connect with on that level do become a part of who we are, I firmly believe it.

  2. I had a Nehru jacket that I still mourn over…

  3. Mama Zen says:

    I had a coat like that. I still have it. I just can’t let it go.

  4. Kay Davies says:

    I’ve had clothes like that. I really liked who I was when I wore them.
    Love this poem, Ms Coal.

  5. lolamouse says:

    Can definitely relate to this one. Some clothing is like a comfort object, and we feel that a part of ourselves is missing when we no longer have it.

  6. This says more to me than the out-growing of favourite clothing, something perhaps about growing up itself, and the uncertainties of facing an adult world which seems more alien the closer it gets. I’m sure I had a clearer idea of who I was when I was 15.

  7. I think most of us have a coat like that – timeworn, memories stitched into the seams, a coat like no other. Riley had one… she lost it and was inconsolable for weeks… it’s just never the same without your favorite thing, is it? Especially when you grow OUT of it, now there’s both a blessing and a buzzkill. Amy

  8. dani says:

    putting on your identity when you put on your coat ~ mindblowing concept, Coal! this is SOOOO good!!!

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