Asshat Of The Century

Posted: 09/07/2012 in house of fools, house of strangers

What a loser.

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Jeez–what a big man–he could catch a ball better than a twelve year old. /facepalm.

    • hedgewitch says:

      I like the way she did her happy dance when she finally got her baseball though–adorable.

  2. Men, eh? Wow. Gotta ___ ’em.
    So nice to know the girl did get a baseball, though, and then another one!

  3. dani says:

    what can i say?

  4. Susan says:

    I’m pouting a little ’cause I wanted a Coal Black poem, but grinning too because hey! A little warm-hearted pause also refreshes.

  5. Oh jeez what an idiot…

  6. Greed knows no bounds. That guy needs his mom to give him pointers on fair play. How pathetic, this guy. What a douche canoe. Thanks, hon. Glad the girl got two balls (more than that guy has, obviously!!). Amy

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