Posted: 07/31/2012 in house of blues, house of crazy

bright hard sun

make the river lay low, so low…

things I done

make the angels say, no, girl, no…

lie, girl, lie

til the truth sound wrong so wrong…

thought i’d die

but the devil is wicked strong.

cold white moon

make the river toss to and fro…

can’t stay here

when the tempter says go, girl, go…

don’t follow me

and never more sing this song…

wish i’d die

but the devil is wicked strong.




  1. dani says:

    “things I done

    make the angels say, no, girl, no…”

    WOW! LOVE this!

    can i play tambourine in your band? or a triangle? or just stand there?

  2. Mama Zen says:

    Just don’t stand in my spot, Dani!

    This one gotta go in Coal’s greatest hits.

  3. hedgewitch says:

    I agree with the learned ladies of the band–this is brimstone and honey all the way.

  4. Susan says:

    Wow! Love the sing song of the repetitions and patterns that make the devil strong as sun and as moon and as “things I done” so “thought I’d die” changes to “wish I’d die.” But the devil is too strong!

    This song is like a confession and a warning delivered in the soft ice cream cones with sprinkles we used to get from those musical trucks in the street.

  5. The voice of Coal Black is so strong, so idiosyncratic, she has come to occupy imaginative space in such a real way.

  6. lolamouse says:

    If I can’t be in the band, I’ll be a roadie! This is fantastic!

  7. Oh, yes, Miss Coal, this is it, for sure.

  8. I like the misleading nature of your title, as if saying the speaker is strong. But no, it is the devil who is strong. I also like the contrast in what the sun and moon do to the river, so helpless against these outside forces in the sky. The radical changes in the river’s water level and ferocity make me wonder if at times there is a boat travelling downstream, at others maybe banked. And perhaps at other times, you are thrown overboard without a vest and told not to follow the tempter nor the boat.

    “thought i’d die
    but the devil is wicked strong” … Funny how you’re almost asking for death (a reprieve and release into the protecting hands of the angels, perhaps). But maybe the devil knows if he lets you die, you won’t be his anymore. So he keeps you just barely alive enough to writhe in pain.

  9. This needs to be sung.

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