flood of words

Posted: 07/25/2012 in house of women

in the beginning was the word,

then god made kathy jo down to the washeteria.

she go on and on

while wavin her hands and pullin at a bra strap.

run girls, it’s a deluge.



  1. Video…lol!! You tricked me a lil’ I thought from your start…a whole dif. kind of poem! 😉

  2. Mama Zen says:

    And, she never brings her own damn quarters! Have mercy!

  3. Susan says:

    Totally dissolved me into laughter! And now I’m running–no, I’ll listen to the song first and then run.

  4. Wonderful!
    Luv, K

  5. hedgewitch says:

    Wait til she gets on the bus with you.

  6. That video is hilarious. Love the scriptural references in your poem—the Word, the flood, creation. I read this differently the first time—as if her chatter and undergarment play were drawing your attention, stirring up your poetic words and affections. However, in light of the video, I suppose I’m wrong.

  7. Don’t you hate it when they go on and on?

    I love the “Run, girls, it’s a deluge.”

  8. dani says:

    oh! i agree it’s just shamefull when someone goes on and on and on and just never knows when to shut up as if they’re the center of the fuckin universe and every word they say MATTERS and of course everyone else is interested in what they have to say and they’re just oblivious to what anyone else might want to say and it’s just disgraceful but they don’t have a clue and they don’t take a breath or pause for anyone to get a word in edgewise and, well, i just never!

  9. My eyes just read your title as “Flood of Worms” … in case you want to take THAT thought anywhere. 😉

  10. W.k.kortas says:

    Even the Lord stopped for a breath on the seventh day, but some folks think they are above all that.

  11. Ha! Leave it to Coal to put this challenge through a completely different spin cycle.

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