the unmarked road

Posted: 07/09/2012 in house of change

try to follow the good sweet way–

fill my world with love and light;

i try to follow the bright sweet way–

fill the world with love and light;

but when the crow calls and the pine trees sway,

i drop my shoes and run–

run hard for the unmarked road

winding through the night.


mama say, girl, calm your hungry heart

keep your hand far from the flame–

mama say, honey, watch your hungry heart

and keep your hand far from the flame–

but when your touch sends me up like dry grass in july,

i pick up my skirts and run–

run hard for the unmarked road

lit red by fire in the night.



  1. Margaret says:

    Mama say… Does anyone ever listen to Mama? 🙂

  2. W.k.kortas says:

    Thing about pine trees is that they tend to sway in both directions. I, for one, would sell my mama to gypsies to be able to write like this.

  3. Mama Zen says:

    Oh, I love this!

  4. The good sweet way, huh?

    Ms Black always manages to make bad sound damn good. I’m shouting: Run, girl, run!

  5. kez says:

    Fabulous !!! thanks for sharing x

  6. K. McGee says:

    This reminds me of the youthful discovery of untamed passion.

  7. Susan says:

    A blues, a ballad, a rendezvous that cannot be missed despite the best of mama–or maybe she had the same flaming which is why she knows. Excellent. (And I am a fan of Joan Jett.)

  8. kaykuala says:

    The young have their own minds, these days! They would accomplish more than what we expect of them! Let them pick their own pace!


  9. LOVE “the good sweet way” and running hard for the unmarked road. It’s the only way to travel, my friend!

  10. hedgewitch says:

    Sing it, coal–you are on fire here, definitely. (Love the JJ clip)

  11. “but when the crow calls and the pine trees sway” … I love this change in voice. And also the sincerity in the opening—as if you truly try with all your heart to follow the good, sweet way. You wanna mind your mama, but your feet have a mind of their own.

  12. The drawback to listening to Mama is that we miss out on a lot of adventures! Love the bad girl vibe in this.

  13. There aint no stopping it, not when its as natural as all that. Let them run til they run themselves out, eventually there will be a stopping point…hopefully its not death. Great write…I love this voice.

  14. Speechless, that’s what I am. I remember running for the unmarked road.

  15. dani says:

    ah, the hungry heart!

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