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on stage

Posted: 05/27/2012 in house of love, house of women

lived half my life on stage, babe.

sang hard,

never cared

if they found me fine or horrible;

but i’m scared undressing for you

til you softly say,

“sometimes you’re shy…

it’s adorable.”


a poem in 33 words for trifecta 18




don’t mind tellin ya i don’t like ya much.

stand over here.

no, stand over there.

i don’t hardly like ya

neither where.

don’t know what it is but i don’t like your smile.

don’t like your back.

don’t like your face.

i don’t hardly like ya

any damn place.


linked to Real Toads OLM


think i’ll never be nothin?

i’ll show you somethin.

scored it, smoked it, four times, five.

think i’m just evil?

i’ll show you evil.

did the devil and the devil was fine.

people say coal, she’s outta control;

rage on coal, have another drink.

pain is art and the razor’s sharp,

bleed, coal, bleed, in the bathroom sink.

think I cause ya shame?

i’ll show ya shame,

every time i hear my name.

fuck it, floor it,

blow the red,

with any luck i’ll show ya dead.


for Real Toads “Bridge of Asses” challenge. I chose to see it as an impossible road to walk. They say that if you don’t remember your last drink, you haven’t had it yet. Coal remembers.


Posted: 05/16/2012 in house of blues

ain’t that funny

how i get so damn capable

when I’m one snap from falling apart;

ain’t that something

how i get so damn funny

when i feel like i’ve swallowed my heart…

my friends and i

went to see this stand-up guy, so funny

we was laughin real hard, and then

i was crying, crying, and i couldn’t stop to save myself.

ain’t that the oddest thing?

ain’t that funny.

one bird

Posted: 05/13/2012 in house of blues, house of love

one sun in the morning rise,

sky is seven shades of blue;

one bird in the hickory tree

she cry and i cry, too.

one road down the lonesome way

between the big hill and the small,

one bird taking to the high blue sky

one bird left and that is all.

my blackbird

Posted: 05/02/2012 in house of love, house of music

got a special blackbird

with red on her wing

i tell my blackbird

every little thing

and she say baby baby baby

she love the hum when she sits on the wire

give her a chance, and she gonna go higher

so i say sing little blackbird sing.

she perch on the post

at the edge of the farm

she nest in the tree

tween the house and the barn

and she say baby baby baby baby.

she’s my special blackbird

with red on her wing

i tell my blackbird

every little thing

i love her from monday til the church bell ring

so sing little blackbird sing.