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“The lunatic is in my head” –Pink Floyd

i’m a woman;

i can’t say no to the moon.

all those times she said, coal, just ten more drinks can’t hurt,

well, what’s a girl to do?

and i never meant to say those things

or do those things

to you.

i’m a woman;

and the moon whispers in my ear.

and many times she says, i’ve got another sweet idea, dear.

how can i tell her no?

here’s your masterpiece, and here’s my turpentine;

i’m sorry and i swear

it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

i’m a woman

and i can’t say no to the moon.

she helps me sing the blues to myself

when there’s nobody else in the room.


for Mama Zen’s photo challenge at Toads. The moon pic is hers.

riff me happy

Posted: 04/24/2012 in house of blues

the show tonight was shit.

those people,

they should toss us off a bridge and sink us

cos we stank and there’s no denying.

still, i almost cried in the middle of that one song,

when we got to the bridge, the part where your

keyboards sounded so good, always;

tonight norm had to fill in

cos you quit

and it wasn’t the same.

you had the way to make even a shit show better,

and to make me want to sing like i meant it.

tonight on the bus, i’ll stare out the window,

and the boys’ll leave me alone;

i’ll fall asleep around dawn and

if i’m lucky, you’ll show up in my dreams

and riff me happy one more time.




higher learnin’

Posted: 04/18/2012 in house of women

i ran into ishtar

sittin in a plastic chair readin marie claire

(“love your thighs!”)

down at jody’s chop shop.

she was waitin on a color n cut.

“you?” i said, my mouth catchin flies.

she gave me a look like i’d just fell off the hay wagon.

“honey,” she said over her glasses,

“goddess beauty doesn’t just happen.

like tina the nail tech tells me,

you never know who you’ll meet

or what you’ll learn

if you go to (jody’s beauty) college.


for Kenia’s Challenge at Real Toads

devil say

Posted: 04/15/2012 in house of crazy, house of women

devil say,

afternoon, miss coal.

devil sidle up cool and close.

devil swing from the grocery store cart–

devil hang from the next bus seat.

devil in the details, sure as you’re born–

devil in the pudding and the meat.

devil say,

afternoon, miss coal.

a girl’s never quite sure what he knows.

devil gon’ make lottie’s hair fall out–

devil gon’ make that other singer cough.

devil gon’ make that bastard’s thing

turn bad black and fall off.

devil say,

afternoon, miss coal.

i just smile and whisper low.


picture by susie clevenger. post linked with toads.

i get bad jealous

sometimes baby.

i know

the face i love, bound to be loved

by anybody s’got eyes in they head.

and i know

when the moon creeps low

she bound to act the fool

and try to get you in her starry bed.

i try like the daylight try

to be sweet n warm for you,

and make everything biscuit good

and honey fine.

i love ya baby,

there’s no use denyin’

but i get jealous

bad jealous



3 wishes

Posted: 04/07/2012 in house of love

wish i’d a seen her

wearin that tuxedo.

knees were made to buckle,

and i’d a been

goin down.

wish i wooda seen her

in a black biker jacket.

hearts that take the stage

need the tuff

to wrap around.

i would love to see her

in a tee shirt and jeans

or just any damn thing

if she were walkin

next to me.

got an old dog,

not much bother her none…

but my old dog

know the storm come she better run.

run, baby

find a safe place when the lightning flash…

thunder roll

run on in, mama waitin’.

got an old love,

not much bother her none…

but my old love

know the way to my door

run, baby

find a safe place when the lightning flash…

thunder roll

run on in, mama waitin.


photo by Laura Hegfield for Real Toads