bring me all of your dreams, you dreamer

Posted: 02/24/2012 in house of love

bring me all of your dreams,

you dreamer,

i will hold them tender in rough hands.

dream sweet, sweetheart,

my bed is old but knows how to give,

and here your dreams will rest easy.

bring me all of your dreams,

you dreamer,

bring me the best one before you forget.

the windows are frosted,

but my quilts are warm…

lay your dreams and your body safe in my arms,

and then, my sweet baby,

dream on, dream on.


for Mary’s Mixed Bag at Real Toads. Mary asked us to take two lines from someone else’s poem and then to riff on it. I’ve chosen Langston Hughes’ poem “The Dream Keeper.” These links will open in a new window.


  1. Mary says:

    I read Langston Hughes’ poem after having read yours; and, though I like Langston Hughes very much, I think your poem is richer in feeling and imagery. I can almost hear a guitar playing in the background.

  2. wkkortas says:

    This is simply top-shelf first class writing which sits quite comfortably next to Hughes’ work, and does not suffer at all in comparison.

  3. hedgewitch says:

    Nice job with the prompt, but above and beyond that, nice to see the sweeter side of Ms Coal. I particularly like the line about the bed.

  4. Mama Zen says:

    I really like this!

  5. Oh this is sheer delight – a more gentle side to Coal Black.

  6. Corey Rowley says:

    Great poem…yours and Mr. Hughes, I have a read a couple of your now and am becoming quite a fan or your style. I also love the name of the blog….great work.

  7. This is beautifully done. I like it much more than the original. To take someone’s first lines and improve upon them, now there’s a challenge! And you’ve met it.

  8. Teresa says:

    Love Hughes, and I do love your poetry as well. This one really has a nice safe feeling.

  9. kateri says:

    Lovely…”I will hold them tender in rough hands”.

  10. “bring me the best one before you forget”

    Wow, love that line! This is so tender and sensuous 🙂

  11. Hughes himself might be dismayed when he reads that I too like your version best! A well-done response to the prompt with the warmth you wrote.

  12. lolamouse says:

    “My bed is old but knows how to give…” I love that!

  13. I, too, prefer your poem to Langston Hughes’……..your has much more emotion and tenderness. Just lovely. And not a frying pan to be seen:)

  14. Heaven says:

    Sweet and tender…I like it ~

    The great thing about having another blog is that you can create another persona so different and unique ~

  15. This is beautiful…a tender invitation…

  16. dani says:

    you may have used the first words of Hughes’ poem, but you soared to the moon and beyond with YOUR words! too many wonderful lines to quote ~ beautiful!

  17. Ella says:

    I like yours better! You tended the emotional pull~ Loved it!

  18. Caty says:

    i do like this…protective and sweet

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