northbound/ southbound

Posted: 12/07/2011 in house of blues, house of change

early, i took the northbound bus,

and the whole world seemed quiet, holy, and fine…

late, i took the southbound bus,

and i never saw such a devil-cursed line.


  1. hedgewitch says:

    Almost a haiku there, coal–be careful.

    One of my fave CSNs–rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice.

  2. dani says:

    imma likin this!

    love C S N & Y!

  3. Northbound, an outward journey filled with promise – Southbound, a return journey filled with consequence.

  4. Ruth says:

    well expressed contrast, much more than direction can change between early and late…

  5. jinksy says:

    So the pendulum swings…

  6. Titus says:

    Oh, that is House of Blues alright. Pretty stunning capture in just four lines, and I like the way you’ve slowed time with the writing.

  7. Margaret says:

    I like that album cover! (and I have never heard the song… I was only five when it came out, I think. I will have to do a little I-Tunes search! Thanks.

    And your poem is AWESOME!

  8. zongrik says:

    very deep for something so short.

  9. Zouxzoux says:

    This puts me in mind of a fine old blues tune. Hmmmmm….think it’s time for a little John Lee Hooker….

  10. That’s what a day at work will get you!:)

  11. Caty says:

    I always feel like that when I leave work too, lol…

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