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ring twelve bells for the year that’s gone…

ring ’em now, ring ’em loud;

ring for the ones with their best clothes on,

laid fresh underground.

ring ’em the same for the sinner or the saint

all across the land;

a bell rings like for the tremblin’ quake

as for a delicate hand.


i got a new tv

to watch the same old shows

as i always done.

got a brand new song

but i don’t care to sing it

for just anyone.

and it isn’t news

that one look at you

and i come undone…

see, it still is true

what i feel for you

is the same old love.

got a new guitar

but the old songs are

what i like to play

and there’s nothing new

’bout the same old blues

since you went away…

how long will it take

for my heart to break

for the same old love?


Posted: 12/25/2011 in house of blues, house of women

when i was little

i would play until the sun was gone,

and then i’d hear something

behind me comin on.

i told myself then,

run, girl,

run for your life;

run fast and never look back…

run for your life.


the same hand that you reach for

can be the one that knocks you down

and when you can’t breathe

that ain’t love

that ain’t love.

just when i think it’ll all be all right,

that’s when i feel something

right behind me comin on.

i tell myself then,

run, girl,

run for your life;

run fast and never look back…

don’t blink once

and don’t think twice,

girl, run,

run for your life.



Posted: 12/20/2011 in house of blues, house of crazy

it was hella early,

not even light yet,

and i was rollin like a house ball

to my payin job.

saw a raccoon

dead as can be

up by the curb,

and another raccoon

sorta hovering near,

like a human woman who the doctors told,

but she never really fucking believed it

cos she loved the one on the gurney so much.

i never knew a raccoon would act like that,

all disbelieving and shattered and such.

i got to my payin job

and my fingers’d gone numb to the time card;

it did a fumbelina to the floor.

somebody said, what’s the matter, coal?


but when i bunny dipped to get the damn card,

i felt like that bandit bent over its mate.

that’s when i knew

that it meant me, too,

and that we are all alone in this fucking world.

oh, fer sure,

tell me again

about the metal ballad you wrote

on the bottom of a chicken nuggets box

fifteen years ago.

imma really try

to work it into my one hit song

as a bridge or something,

and yes,

i’ll sing it again tonight

and no,

we never get tired of it.

fer sure dude,

i bet what you said is true

i just never met the right man

and yes,

it would be great if you watched,

and no,

i wouldn’t shine you on.

fer sure,

it had to be fate

that made your bro larry bring you to our gig.

when the show is over and we go wherever we go,

and you’re done watchin and i’m done sinnin,

we’ll go straight to church and get married.

and no,

i won’t forget your ballad when i’m crankin out your kids,

and yes,

you best believe

i’ll be wantin fries with that.


where you been, baby?

it’s gettin’ awful cold.

there’s pretty lights

all up n down our road.

don’t get distracted

by nothin new and shiny bold.

where you been baby?

don’t let the pretty lights

keep you from comin home.


early, i took the northbound bus,

and the whole world seemed quiet, holy, and fine…

late, i took the southbound bus,

and i never saw such a devil-cursed line.


femmebutch comes outta the cvs,

strides across the lot like it’s there just for her.

she talkin on her femmebutch cell–

and she got, oh does she got,

miles n miles of honey hair.

femmebutch is taller than a sweet cool drink,

swings easy into her big black truck.

she don’t care a lot for labels and such–

what she got, oh what she got,

she got it good and she got it much.