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Posted: 11/27/2011 in house of crazy, house of fools



how did you end up here?

what time is it?

why do i do this shit?

lol, look at your hair.

okay, boze,

time to go.

don’t look so pale

like you seen a ghost!

i think your shoes are parked in the garage.

sorry, boze,

i can’t be coy

you’re not the circus

i want to run away and join.

…and i’m never gonna care ’bout my bad reputation!

oh no no no no

na nay nay nay nay

no no no no no

na nay!

this is my 69th post! *snort!*

do ya think it’s easy, babe

what the night has to do to get by?

do ya think it’s easy

to get so

dark, so deep, so high?

when i look at you,

i know just why the moon goes so crazy

and so blue…

it’s cos she’s so helpless in love

with a star that’s only passing through.

do ya think it’s easy, babe

to love someone so dark, so deep, so true?

every wicked thing you do drives me crazy…

and it’s never easy

never easy

lovin’ you.



Posted: 11/16/2011 in house of change, house of weather

i found a letter

on the ripped brown seat of a yellow taxi

in the rainy hour before dawn.

i told the driver i was sick,

said i’d walk,

found the curb a mile high.

there was no one around,

i’d lost my keys,

fuck this, I said, oh

fuck this, fuck it,

the night is so long.

i looked at the letter

addressed to someone else,

and opened the folded pink pages

as if i were better than me.

it said “if you’re reading this”

and went on lingeringly…

but it was written faint, so faint,

and i could hardly stand to see.

the devil’s bells

Posted: 11/11/2011 in house of women

in the courthouse,

they got a second floor

(mine’s better)

just as if them old hairy-nosed judges

was puttin’ on wings not ratty black robes

that their nasty wives mend

in front of evenin’ tv shows.


in the court house,

they got an elevator

but i always take the marble stairs.

judge gordy like to keep his cattin’ quiet,

an’ i will say

gee i miss ya babe


can’t ya make a girl’s problem

just go away


i saw your (nasty nasty) wife

just the other day–

b’lieve i’ll pay a call.


in the courthouse

they got these marble stairs

and i got

a pair of heels that if i wear

make a noise goin’ up

like the devil’s bells.

judge gordy gonna hear my problem,

good as fixed before i knock;

honey i got faith

an’ a knack to walk the walk.


Posted: 11/08/2011 in house of music, house of women


who give you that name?

i laugh when i hear it.

it’s some kind of crazy shit.

adonis, me and polly

could hardly drag you in the house,

after the show

to sleep it off on the couch.

adonis, your drum case

is in the back of my truck.

shook my head at your drunk face

but i kissed it for luck.


who give you that name?

tell me when you wake up,

and i’ll drive you home again.

white western boots

on your polished gold wood floor

and the quilt on your four poster is



and blue.