Posted: 10/11/2011 in house of love

i said i wadn’t gonna throw no more stones at your window,

and mama say, if you gonna open you mouth

tell the truth, girl, or hush.

i said i wadn’t gonna throw no more stones at your window,

oh but honey,

there were so many stones

and i missed you so much.

  1. Brendan says:

    Every stone a song, a rage, a crack in the heart that never quite healed … Something tells me you have plenty more in your creel. (Good for us.) I too know about throwing stuff at windows … personally, it’s good luck if the window opens, better fate if it doesn’t … Brendan

  2. I love the voice in this one, and the sense of longing that accompanied each little stone you threw.

  3. brian miller says:

    smiles….hope she pops that head out the window…but only after the last stone has flown…cute about what mama said…smiles.

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    haha really fun piece, those stones are just sooo tempting

    • Fireblossom says:

      patt hatt, i want you to see my goldfish pond. you can see the goldfish better if you put your face down in the water. yes, like that! now, keep your face underwater or you’ll scare the goldfish. stay there no matter how much you want to come up for air. finally, you’ll just kind of go to sleep! haha.

  5. hedgewitch says:

    One of these days you’re going to put someone’s eye out. I know it’s harder with a stone, but you can do it if you aim properly.

  6. ayala says:

    I like the voice of this one…nice ..there were so many stones…and I missed you so much 🙂

  7. kez says:

    love it was told from the child perspective …thank you x

  8. Mama Zen says:

    Girl, this is smoking!

  9. Love it! Being a Brit, I just love the American ‘twang’ in your stuff .. 🙂

  10. Adura Ojo says:

    Yeah that American twang gets me too. I like very much.

  11. oh so sweet throwing stones at windows puppy love wonderfully done

  12. Ravenblack says:

    I like this. Simple and just adorable in a way. 🙂

  13. The emotional depth to this piece is unmistakable. I could feel it to my bones.

  14. lolamouse says:

    I bet Mama done the same back in the day.

  15. dani says:

    what else you gonna do with all those stones?

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