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the fever

Posted: 10/31/2011 in house of change

in the fever ward

the nurses’ eyes are hard as

coffin boards

they say, sugar pea, whatchoo fussin for

in the fever ward

when you dyin.

when the fever come

drop you quick as when

you daddy hung

he look up, say my sweet darlin, you my favorite one

when the fever come

and folks are dyin.

when the fever break

devil feed on grief and

johnny cake

he say, baby girl, I come for you another day

when the fever break

and day is dyin.

i can’t talk to you anymore

can’t talk

can’t do anything

but be blue anymore.

if a tree falls

and no one hears it

you’ll probly find me

right there near it

singin the blues

cos i can’t talk to you




it’s a rainy old mornin…

can’t lift my head

or get out of bed;

it’s too nice here…

think i’ll call in dead.

rain on the window starts me thinkin…

about butter on bread.

how sweet would that be?

call me crazy,

but i’m callin in lazy.

rain on leaves makes ’em sure enough shine…

they sure enough like it

like your lips on mine.

hand me that phone,

and listen to me lie.





Posted: 10/11/2011 in house of love

i said i wadn’t gonna throw no more stones at your window,

and mama say, if you gonna open you mouth

tell the truth, girl, or hush.

i said i wadn’t gonna throw no more stones at your window,

oh but honey,

there were so many stones

and i missed you so much.