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i said, come on, girl,

i know where the bushes break and the

trees will let us in.

i know where the little creek runs,

we can be alone and then…


i said, dammit, girl,

they’re buildin’ houses

down near where we like to go…

down by the place that no one knows,

where my love and the little creek flow…


i said, remember, girl,

where we used to go? where i

brushed the hair from your eyes?

today i saw what they’ve done to it,

and i swear, my girl, i cried.



“the world’s not round without you”


Posted: 09/20/2011 in house of change, house of women

we were drinking iced tea

and talking shit,

when you told me that you and your man

would be leaving.

i felt so angry

at your little smile

that my hand shook,

and my glass slipped off the arm of the porch chair.

there is always a moment

between fall and break,

when i think that, maybe

i can stop this.


the pretty painted boards

won’t be as hard as i know they really are;

but then the sharp sound of a fragile thing shattering

makes you stop mid-sentence

and i go inside for the dustpan and broom.





there is a man

i love him hard, i love him wild

there is a man

i love him hard i love him wild

but when the moon is blue,

hard hands on me and on my child.

we left by train

trestle over the water deep and wide

we left by train

trestle over the water deep and wide

i am damned and damned forever

because he spoke my name before he died.


this is a blues in two parts. find the other part at fireblossom’s.

for dverse poetics


not too cagey,

chase her tail til she dizzy.


love you til she bust…like me, oh,

just like me.


know you want that bird way hella far in the brambles,

she go get it

come scratch come burr.

i’d do that, too

cos i’m just like her, oh,

just like her.


friday 55 for g man