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if an angel whispers

love will come

despite what it’s done before,

hire the devil to black the stars

so she don’t come back no more.

if that same angel

whispers again

sweetly your hope to wake,

smile and nod like a lady should–

then drown that bitch in the lake.



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mirror mirror

Posted: 07/29/2011 in house of women

mirror, mirror

on the floor,

leaned up nice

against the wall,

who’s the fairest

of them all?

say me say me.

i look, i turn

i frown and sigh,

wicked mirror,

how you lie…

that chick’s not,

can’t be,

could never be


mirror, mirror

turned to the wall,

i just can’t trust you


that’s all.

he said coal you’re like a double bacon avocado burger–

delicious, hot and stacked…

he said coal you’re like a mean double avocado burger–

delicious, hot and stacked…

but i got to dispose of you properly baby,

and that’s a natural fact.

he left me standin at the bus stop

in chicago illinois

he left me standin at the crap-ass bus stop

in chicago illinois

but he left his memory in my baggage bin

and i can’t forget that boy.

i’m an unused portion of product

past my expiration date

i’m an unused portion of product

past my expiration date

but ain’t no second chances, fool, ain’t no three second rule

pretty baby it’s too late.



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i got high

high up on the bridge and the

water far below

away beneath my shoes

kept moving


deep and blue…

i thought about

when i thought that

falling was just a way of getting


i got high

oh every time i was with you

so now baby it’s just a long way

a long fall

to the water below my shoes

but i can’t dance

can’t go with you

where it’s so endlessly


just empty

deep and blue.

i plucked out my eye

and put a star in there instead.

now any time i wink

you’ll think the sky is gone for dead.


i took a thousand deep black crows

and put them all together, nose to nose

down each side of the road

and up and down the track.


now when number seventy-seven rolls so pretty

from chicago all the way to kansas city,

the crows fly out the stack

and turn the whole damn night sky black.


seeing as how i learnt you all this news

sing me a high old lonesome blues.

love me like a deep black crow

from atlanta all the way to baltimore.



i had this gross dream

where everyone i ever slept with–

those i recollected and those i dint–

dropped by without callin’

and all at once besides.


they lined themselves up at my front door like chinamen at a train station

and said

(all together like they was in some kind of dumb-ass play)

“we forgive you”

“we have moved on”

“we have found peace”.

well fuck me and call me uncle bob

if i need a row of orange popsicles forgivin me first thing in the mornin.

i said, good for y’all,

and shut the door on ’em.

when i woke up,

it were sunday mornin.

i said,

jesus christ on a bicycle,

maybe they are,

but i’m not half serene enough for this shit!


this spiritual lesson delivered in connection with one shoot sunday and this picture here.  –coal


Posted: 07/05/2011 in house of love, house of women

i left my leather boots

in the closet like buddhas

and wore white heels to sally’s summer wedding.

in the morning,

one lay in the wet grass,

and the other in the deep green leaves of the coneflower plants

at the foot of your wooden steps.



black car

Posted: 07/04/2011 in house of change

sun don’t care

where the black car go,

black car comin

comin real slow.

road ain’t right

ruts run deep,

whoever in the black car

always gonna sleep.

sun don’t care

if you break down and cry,

sister saw an owl

means somebody gonna die.

the black car sway

and the engine moan

whoever in the black car

never goin’ home.


There is a cemetery not far from me with a rutted dirt and gravel road that leads way back into it. You almost can’t see the entrance at the main road. When you get there, all the trees are old, and hardly anybody is ever back there. But just once in a while, comes a black car. So I wrote about one. For Form Monday–The Blues.