country girl’s lament

Posted: 06/12/2011 in house of change, house of love, house of women

in the deep green trees

where the earth stays wet,

you’ll always know

what you can’t forget,

and if you go,

please don’t go yet…

i’m askin you.


by the river deep

where the angels sleep,

it will twist and bend

then change again,

and if you break

what you can’t mend…

it tells on you.


in the morning sun

when the moon is gone,

the mist will rise

like an easy lie,

if you could love

a heart like mine…

why didn’t you?

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Man, Coal is bringing it. You better tie her down before she gets a high dollar contract in Nashville and sells out her black punk roots. Seriously good–and it’s ringing like a bell for me, especially that last line.

  2. Love it! “The mist will rise like an easy lie….” Brilliant. And the final question is so right on! Why not indeed!!!!!!!

  3. Mama Zen says:

    This is so good! I can hear this.

  4. brenda w says:

    Marvelous piece…it trips down the page with ease.

  5. lolamouse says:

    I can hear Coal singing this one! Love it! Are you scheming to make me actually like country music?!!

  6. siubhan says:

    some great lines here (i too love the mist/lies analogy– brilliant), and the way you play with rhyme really works.

  7. humbird says:

    ‘the mist will rise

    like an easy lie,’ ~ reminds me the old russian song…~ sounds, feelings – light ~ it’s great to read your poem

  8. hedgewitch says:

    Coal often rejects the music of poetry for the barbwire spit of it, but here she embraces it, makes her guitar strings out of moonflower vine and nightshade. What a pleasure to read this again.

  9. I love this piece, it really spoke to me. you’ll always know what you can’t forget . . . isn’t that the truth.

  10. This is so melodic and really beautiful.. with your signature kicker in the last lines.

  11. Yes, why didnt she? Poignant, beautiful and sad.

  12. grapeling says:

    thrummin’ and drummin’ to this ‘un ~

  13. scotthastiepoet says:

    Love the lyricality in this, as well as the pithy ending – I’ll be back for more sometime soon… With Best Wishes Scott

  14. Love the rhyme in it..”if you break what you can’t mend it tells on you” love that!.

  15. Karen says:

    Love this in juxtaposition with The Spider Bride. The images here–the river’s bend, the wet earth, the mist rising like a lie–lovely!

  16. lolamouse says:

    Wow. I can hear this with a sweet singer (a rasp in her voice) and a gee-tar. Beautiful.

  17. kaykuala says:

    The consequences can be many and varied. It’s all in one’s hands. True enough. Nicely coal!


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