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Posted: 06/27/2011 in house of love, house of women

dint hafta

steal that guy’s last french fry,

but i did.

dint hafta

stay out all night til the sun got high,

but i did.

look at you,

all smooth and easy brown like a river bank

so cool and deep like where the willows weep…

dint hafta

tuck my hair behind my ear and

lay my tongue right here,

but i did,

and i’m glad.

my guitarist joe earl got religion one wednesday night.

onlyest thing he ever had a personal relationship with was cat miller,

down at the cue and dog,

but up he went, pointin’ at the ceiling like it were rainin double bacon burgers.

i said, joe earl, what made you do that?

he say, i felt the power of the almighty,

makin me all dizzy and swirly like,

and i knew i was on my way to a better place.


(says me),

it were kinda like you were starrin’ in your own little goldfish funeral, then?

after that,

joe earl never was my friend like before, and even stopped tellin me to go fuck myself,

which, to be honest,

i really sort of miss sometimes.

dontcha know

Posted: 06/18/2011 in house of love, house of women

dontcha think

it would be a bad idea

you and me?

dontcha think

it would be trouble?

oh, but there’s the way

you look at me

when you brush the hair

from my eyes,

and there’s the love I see

when i look in yours…

dontcha think

we oughta just walk away?

dontcha think

it would save

so much heartache?

but baby,

dontcha know i dream of lovin’ you?

dontcha know

i want to?

me and cindi,  linda and nance

got caught on the road

got caught in the rain

got caught out walkin

when we shouldn’t oughta been…

with a stolen bottle

of mama’s gin

we started for home

in trouble again

me and cindi and linda and nance

sang with the wind

and the trees all danced.


a 55 for the G Man

in the deep green trees

where the earth stays wet,

you’ll always know

what you can’t forget,

and if you go,

please don’t go yet…

i’m askin you.


by the river deep

where the angels sleep,

it will twist and bend

then change again,

and if you break

what you can’t mend…

it tells on you.


in the morning sun

when the moon is gone,

the mist will rise

like an easy lie,

if you could love

a heart like mine…

why didn’t you?


Posted: 06/05/2011 in house of fools, house of women

stephie went down

to the swamp to wash her clothes,

gator got stephie

and started in to roll.

anybody knows stephie

knows she’s rolled a time or two,

stephie tell the gator

she bound to leave him blue.

washin in the swamp

dancin in the street,

stephie is the kind of girl

it ain’t so hard to meet.

gator fell in love

and bought a big ole house in town,

but stephie couldn’t care,

and stephie put him down.

stephie went back

to the swamp to fetch her clothes,

who she met or what she done

ain’t nobody knows.


for the one shoot sunday prompt titled “ma”