Posted: 05/13/2011 in house of music, house of weather

van breaks down

like fun when the cops come…

lights go up,

somebody goin’ down


cops got nothin to do

in jackson on a friday night.

they say,

show me somethin.

show them what?

if i had ‘nything,

i wouldn’t be singin in this dump.

so now we’re up the road

with the van broke down

and the sun comin up behind us…

i say to my bass player,


show me somethin.

fix this piece of shit

(cos he’s the only sober one ‘sides me).

he say,

show you what?

if i was a fuckin mechanic,

i wouldn’t be standin on the side of the road

lookin at you, coal.

so i say,


you fingernails so dirty,

i just figured you gotta be a grease monkey.

oh, he show

me his one finger real good and walk away.

so there i am laughin,

the van is still broke down,

the sun is gettin higher,

and there’s never a cop around

when ya need one.

  1. OMG, I so love this one. It made me laugh, “so he showed me his finger real good”…….I so love your writing! Every single word.

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Hilarious. My broken down van is seriously getting on my nerves also, but what can you do but stand by the side of the road and show the world that finger.

    PS I would have thought Coal knew her way around a greasy engine block, but hey–nobody’s perfect, specially bass players.

  3. Mama Zen says:

    In my experience, he odds of the bass player being the one sober are infinitesimal . . .

  4. lolamouse says:

    My advice is to get the heck outta Jackson ASAP!!!

  5. guide4goofs says:

    your good at leading on, I couldn’t tell if it was going anywhere, but you pulled it all together, just in time! nice surprise!

  6. Catie Eliza says:

    brilliant i loved it. :] xx I felt that laughter, the kind you get in ridicullous situations… so much better to laugh though than to let it really get to you. :] xx

  7. This is really awesome it has so much personality and attitude. Very cool!

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