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sun was shinin..

i had

an italian ice in one hand

and a lock of your hair

in the other.

people millin’ between

umber-ellas over little tables…

sun was shinin’

and so were we,

honey love,

so were we.



coffee baby

Posted: 05/25/2011 in house of love, house of women

why you?

out of everybody in the world?

why does my heart crave you,

and beat faster

as if i were arriving home

from a distant place?

i think it’s in

the shape of your nose,

i think it’s in

the flat prairie way you say your words,

and in

a million things i can’t even describe, but love.

why you?

well, baby, because…

you are hot coffee,

whipped cream,

and chocolate;

i am the pretty painted mug

who desires nothing in the world more

than just to hold you.

little bird

Posted: 05/15/2011 in house of fools, house of women

at the first baptist,

johnny put a ring on stephie’s finger just as clean and sure as

tightenin’ a lugnut down to the garage where he work.

johnny say she his little bird,

but the salon girls wonder out loud

do he think

that ring gonna hold her?

nail tech laugh and say,

that stephie,

she still gonna have plenty of dumb dead mice

danglin from her talons–

you watch!

but it’s johnny

better watch,

cos his little bird

sure enough still love to fly.


for one shoot sunday, prompt 3


Posted: 05/13/2011 in house of music, house of weather

van breaks down

like fun when the cops come…

lights go up,

somebody goin’ down


cops got nothin to do

in jackson on a friday night.

they say,

show me somethin.

show them what?

if i had ‘nything,

i wouldn’t be singin in this dump.

so now we’re up the road

with the van broke down

and the sun comin up behind us…

i say to my bass player,


show me somethin.

fix this piece of shit

(cos he’s the only sober one ‘sides me).

he say,

show you what?

if i was a fuckin mechanic,

i wouldn’t be standin on the side of the road

lookin at you, coal.

so i say,


you fingernails so dirty,

i just figured you gotta be a grease monkey.

oh, he show

me his one finger real good and walk away.

so there i am laughin,

the van is still broke down,

the sun is gettin higher,

and there’s never a cop around

when ya need one.

got a sweet green bird

like a wish with wings…

sittin on a swing,

my sweet green bird.

bird got a bell

when she wants, she rings…

and if she get loose,

she fly like hell.

got a green eyed love

with a smile that sings…

got it bad, i think

for my green eyed love.

fly past the pond

and the parson’s church…

my brass bed rail

makes a pretty perch.

got a sweet green bird

like a wish with wings…

wish i tied her to a string,

my sweet green bird.


Posted: 05/08/2011 in house of love, house of women

mama put syrup on the table,

she don’t pour it.

i used ta say

“good mornin, mama.”

mama say,

“go wash your hands.”

i used ta say,

“i’m gonna be a big star, mama!”

mama say,

“you ain’t wearin that to school.”

sometimes, i thought

mama hates me…she just do,

with that cold ole heart o’ hers.

then she set a plate in front of me without a word–


my favorite.

coffee for one

two smokes in the pack

late in the night

table in the back

coffee half gone

smoke the last one and then

watch it float away

then never more again.