kissing the devil

Posted: 03/24/2011 in house of change, house of weather

food came first,

so the bill weren’t paid.

spring wouldn’t come,

so the space heater stayed.

life burns up

right quick or by little;

angels wouldn’t help her

so she kissed the devil.

  1. hedgewitch says:

    life burns up, don’t it just. Pretty soon you’re 97 and wondering WTF–and the devil’s lookin pretty good.

  2. Love it! “Life burns up right quick or by little”……

  3. Mama Zen says:

    I really like this. Got that rhythm, baby!

  4. Brendan says:

    There was a garage apartment near our house that burned down a few years ago. The couple had a two kids and no money and heated the apartment with the gas oven, which caught fire one night. The whole place burnt to the ground with everyone narrowly escaping. For weeks afterward when my wife I walked by on our weekend walks we’d see loose pages from coloring books flittering around the area, each scrawled with color, their edges burnt. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  5. lolamouse says:

    But those devils do kiss good sometimes! As to my poem, a lavaliere is a type of jewelery, usually a pendant, sometimes with a stone in the middle. I had no idea what one was either-I needed a word that started with an “L” that meant something expensive or precious and found it on and looked it up! I won’t pretend my vocab is that extensive!

  6. Tess Kincaid says:

    Been there. Done that.

  7. Zuzana says:

    Oh, I think we all have made our encounters with the dark side at times.;) Thank you so much for your recent visit and a kind comment – yes indeed we all need a home.:)

  8. sonny says:

    all too true

  9. Love the sparse and intense economy of language here.
    An intense and illuminating write. James.

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