Posted: 02/20/2011 in house of change, house of women

knew this gal sherry had her grand dad livin with ’em.

he just sit on the davenport watchin baseball and

smokin like a talkin factory that says,

don’t sucker on that outside pitch, dumbass.

then he chuckle and cough and wipe his hand across his mouth.

every once in while sherry’s mom smack him with the

tv guide, and tell him

don’t cuss around the girls, shithead.

he finally lose a lung and after that he tilted.

he get up to fetch a new pack of chesterfields and he look like

a boat goin down.

at the end he sit and smoke with this divin tank next to him–

every so often sherry’s mom swat him and say,

you gonna blow us all into the next county,

but he dint.

one day he just weren’t there no more

like that dumbass batter

who kept suckerin on the bad pitch

and got sent down

to where he ain’t on the tv

and the games go on

without him.

  1. Oh my FREAKING GOD, did you KNOW my mom and step-dad? Because this is EXACTLY them – the smoking, the whacking with the digest, the “dumbass” comment. Do you have spies? This made me smile so much, I was so delighted! Lisa is going to LOVE this one so much!!!!!!! SO hilarious!!!!!

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Very true that we all sucker on our own outside pitches and end up on our own farm teams till even they cut us, or alternatively, we wise up. Brutally smart, sad, matter of fact slice of life and death.

  3. Mama Zen says:

    It’s remarkable how vivid this is. I could see it clear as day . . .

  4. Brendan says:

    This sad sucker’s swing-and-a-miss of a life is a home run for coal black. The narrative couldn’t get more hard-tack. I knew a guy like this, named Willie, has or had an iron works outside Umatilla, FL, way out in the woods, a place strewn with iron chairs and fence and other crap he’d collected from demolished houses. He had about a quarter of a lung left, smoked heavily & breathed those fumes of ironworking, his wife dying inside their doublewide trailer, tremendously obese with a bad heart, no way for Willie to afford her medical bills, just keepin’ on keepin’ on, goats wandering around the property, the whole place about to fall through the ground under the weight of existence. Salt of the earth, these poor jerks, going down without a clue of what hit them.

  5. Tess Kincaid says:

    Gosh, I haven’t heard it called a davenport in ages. What a great word. I’ve been enjoying your coal pieces.

  6. Wow, I have known a couple people in such a situation. You really brought it all back to me. Your details are amazing here.

    So sad, them that smoke themselves away.

  7. Lisa says:

    hahaha, yes…was wondering who talked to you? Love your work alot 😀

  8. wkkortas says:

    When most folks get “sent down”, it’s just Syracuse or Wilkes-Barre; I’m guessing he was sent a level or two deeper (although if you’ve been to Syracuse…). Wonderfully detailed and visual, shows a remarkable eye and ear.

  9. mrs4444 says:

    I think we all have had relationships like this. (at least I have)

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