catbox by the kitchen

Posted: 01/30/2011 in house of fools, house of love

god loves everybody

that’s what they say

even you

even you

even you

but ya don’t keep

the catbox by the kitchen


ya don’t keep

scratchin what’s itchin

until it bleeds

until it bleeds.

god loves everybody

but i only love you

just you

just you

just you

and you love leaving

like god loves a fool 

 leavin me empty

when the moon’s gone full.

for one shoot sunday

was thinking sand=catbox


  1. dustus says:

    You said that for this one shoot sunday the sand in the pic prompt made you think of a catbox… Man, I’d hate to see the size of that cat! lol Just kidding. Love the rhyme on “scratchin what’s itchin.” Thanks for playing along today. Cheers

  2. brian says:

    dude this has great flow…love the repitition and the imagery of the cat…and God…tight write…

  3. Mama Zen says:

    This is very cool. Very.

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