Posted: 01/23/2011 in house of music


some casino

la de dah.

what we got paid

woulden buy

the cigar that chick was teasing with.


the boys got drunk

and i

went home

on the rank-smelling city bus

with my strappy sandals

on the plastic seat

beside me.

one shoot sunday

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Thank you for chanelling every single atom of sordidness left in the world. I briefly felt harmony and joy in the world earlier. Much better now.

    • coalblack says:

      aw, i’m sorry hedgy. what can i do to make ya happy again? want some of my oreos? i don’t share with just anyone yanno. 😉

      • Ted says:

        Don’t buy that myth about Cinderella. There’s a reason why her stepsisters were mean to her. With Cindy around, they couldn’t keep their boyfriends in the house.

  2. dustus says:

    That cigar probably isn’t within my budget these days either, especially after going out with the boys. Nice response. The ending is powerful too.

  3. Love your take, entertaining and well written!

  4. Ami says:

    Ah, good times! An entertaining, fresh, and realistic take on the casino experience! Love it!

  5. Jane Jones says:

    Dear Coal: The stark poetry reflects the stark realism of post mortem life. Did I say mortem meant to say modern (I think). We’ll conceive later.

  6. nancemarie says:

    eh, who needs an old cigar anyway?

  7. Reflections says:

    Stark realities of the scene these days… well shown.

  8. Mama Zen says:

    been there, done that!

  9. dani says:

    great take on the photo.

  10. […] “cinderella”     by     coalblack […]

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