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god loves everybody

that’s what they say

even you

even you

even you

but ya don’t keep

the catbox by the kitchen


ya don’t keep

scratchin what’s itchin

until it bleeds

until it bleeds.

god loves everybody

but i only love you

just you

just you

just you

and you love leaving

like god loves a fool 

 leavin me empty

when the moon’s gone full.

for one shoot sunday

was thinking sand=catbox


her face is like

the bus coming through the dusk

when it’s six o’clock and


her face is like

lifting my guitar from its case

and it’s easy in my arms


her face

is the one i look for–

the one i play for–

her face.

blues for c.

Posted: 01/23/2011 in house of fools, house of love

if you lie to the wind

the wind will spread it every place

and if you ever come back

ever show your face

every door will close

and you’ll be alone.

but if you lie to me

if you say i’m the best thing you ever found

then if there’s no one else

and you come back around,

i’ll say

why you got to be so evil, baby?

to the one who loves you to the bone?

i’ll say

come back my evil baby

let me kiss your lying head

come back to me my wicked one

come on in and come to bed.


Posted: 01/23/2011 in house of music


some casino

la de dah.

what we got paid

woulden buy

the cigar that chick was teasing with.


the boys got drunk

and i

went home

on the rank-smelling city bus

with my strappy sandals

on the plastic seat

beside me.

one shoot sunday


Posted: 01/20/2011 in house of fools, house of love

was in your pocket.

was in the palm of your hand.

now i lay on my side

knees drawn up.

i snap shut.

if you come back,

pick me up again,

i’ll come along without a word…

but my time down on the ground

out in the rain

rusted me.

go ahead,

touch me.

i’ll give you a good sharp poisoning

to remember me by.

neighbor roy

Posted: 01/19/2011 in house of strangers

used to see him walking

his big old pitty

a mean looking thing called zeus.

used to see him washing

his big old custom truck

standing on its roof

with a big old garden hose.

used to see him standing

cross-armed on the lawn

with his big old wire frame

mirror glasses on.

used to hear him cussing

behind his big old redwood fence

at night outside his back door

drinking by himself.


Posted: 01/18/2011 in house of women

my mama

my aunties

my grams

weren’t but a couple inches taller

than me

if ya stacked ’em.

daddy got drunk

and i stole from his billfold

to buy my first

used guitar.

mama said, child

what have you done?

aunties said, baby

you gonna get beat.

he woke up,

missed his money,

come looking for me.

my grams no bigger than a prize hen said,

i took it,

to pay bills you don’t, so

what you gonna do?

daddy curled his lip

then backed down.

i said,


if he hadn’t of,

what was you gonna do?

she said,

brain him with

your new guitar

(which stood leaned and pretty

in the corner

of my room.)

for magpie 49

dr phil

Posted: 01/17/2011 in house of fools

during the week

that became a year

that i let fuckhead stay at my trailer,

he took to watching

dr phil


one wednesday,

about 430,

i had just gotten up and was


my stage boots

when fuckhead says,

we need to work on having

a healthy


i threw one boot

at his ear

and the other

through the screen.

i’d prefer not to,

i said.

i’d prefer

not to.

one shot wednesday

ashtray heart

Posted: 01/16/2011 in house of love

if i was your jones

what of it?

your kiss flamed me up bright,

but all the while

i was consumed

growing darker



and finally flicked away

by a casual hand

whose attention was

already elsewhere.

tic toc

Posted: 01/16/2011 in house of strangers

reptile lips

no prince

cold, like

a door handle

i open with

my tongue.

just this,

mista frog dude,

let’s do it while

we’re still